Agma Cradle

Modified cradle to improve yarn quality by minimum 20% in IPI & CLASSIMAT

Design Cardle Size & Color For Top Arm Yarn Type Can Be Used For
Black Colour 43 Rieter/Lakshmi P3-1 Normal Milange, Slub, Licra Eli Twist & Compact 100% Cotton, P/C, 100% Viscose P/V Blend Up to 44mm Cut Length
light green colour 40.5 Rieter/lakhsmi p3-1
sussen top arm
normal milange, slub, licrs eli twist & compact 100% cotton P/C,100% viscose p/v blend upto 40 mm cut lenght
yellow colour 40.1 skf & tex parts pk 225,pk 2025 normal milange slub,licra & compact 100% cotton P/C,100% viscose p/v blend up to 40 mm Cut Length
blue colour 50 rieter/lakshmi p3-1 normal milange & slub 100% viscose P/V blend up to 51 mm cut lenght
A) Single Spacer From 2.50 Mm To 6.00 Mm
B) Twin Spacer From 2.50/2.75 Mm To 6.00/6.25 Mm