Bobbin Holder

Servo Bobbin Holder has become a synonym for quality and efficiency. With an economical price and greater acceptance the world over, Servo today is ready to take on the world and help the textile industry make rapid strides. Servo with its ongoing research and development and quality testing has further enhanced the performance and delivers premier quality products.


  • Servo Universal Bobbin Holder is suitable for any range of ring spinning frame
  • Fully closed and all components are designed & made with high gloss finish with smooth edges to prevent fly & fluff sticking to the bobbin holders.
  • Plastic components are moulded with high quality antistatic engineering grade polymers
  • Spherical self centering ball bearing mechanism enables unwinding of roving Bobbin in various weight/sizes. Suitable for cotton, man made fibres and worsted.

Spherical Self Centering Bearing
Spherical self centering ball bearing concept is made out of quality stainless steel ball which runs in self lube polymer race ways results in smoother rotation, less wear and trouble free operation. There is also no impact of loading and unloading bobbins in this case.

Brake Force System
The brake force designed on the spherical self center ball bearing system does not allow creeling over run non-stretch. It delivers Roving tension precisely from the stat to the end of the bobbin.

Rocking System
Spherical self centering concept helps the Roving hanger to run / deliver smoothly with constant brake force, which makes easier to load and unload Bobbins in spite of any row on creel at any position.

Internal Brake System
The Internal Spherical braking mechanism enables constant brake force to avoid over running / stretch in unwinding of roving and reduces classimat faults in yarn. Special grade non corrosive stainless steel coil spring is used the spring tension throughout the life of bobbin holder.

  • Cotton Spinning
  • Man-made Fibres Spinning
  • Worsted Spinning
  • Auto Creeling System
  • Speed Frame
  • Reserve Bobbin – Non-rotating

Ratchet Mechanism
Servo Rachet mechanism ensures trouble free smooth operations for a longer time period. This is achieved by testing under various condition. This simple smooth reliable positive mechanism cushions the impact made on the loading and unloading of roving bobbin.

Non-Rotating Type
(With Rocking System)

This type of Bobbin Holder is used to store the reserve roving Bobbins in the outer row of the creel, this system enables easy loading and unloading of bobbins and comes in different coloured dust caps for easy identification.