Wax Rolls

New generation special wax rolls revolutionizing the hosiery yarn in India/Abroad. They are specifically formulated to reduce the hairiness of the yarn and improve the appearance of the fabric. Due to uniform wax coating on the yarn co-efficient of friction is reduces considerably between yarn to metal & yarn to yarn during production.

Manufactured by: Chemax Multikotes (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

All The Waxes Offered By Us Are Non-Toxic And Biodegradable And Meets The ECO Requirements For Exports Of Indian Textiles, As They Are Totally Free From Hazardous Chemicals Like Pentachlorophenol (PCP), Siliconeoil , Etc. They Are Tested By BTTG-Uk. (Shirley Lab) For Compliance To Euro Ecological Norms And Are Recommended For Use On “Oeko-Tex Standard 100″ Certified Products Of Class I & II. ‘They Are Also Approved & Certified By CONTROL UNION CERTIFICATIONS For Compliance To Global Textile Ecological Norms ‘GOTS” (I.E Global Organic Textile Standards.” Available. They Are Also Recommended By SAVIO AUTOCONER And Has Many Advantages Over Conventional Wax Rolls As Shown Below

Most Spinners Uses Readily Available Cheaper Paraffin Wax Rolls For Yarn Lubrication Without Paying Much Attention To Their Quality And Performance As This Pure Paraffin Wax Rolls Give High And Uneven Wax Coating Due To It Coarse Crystalline Structure. With The Latest Circular Knitting Machines Operating At High Speeds, The Paraffin Wax Tends To Melt At A High Temperature/Speed Due To Its Low Softening/Melting Point And Uneven Coating, Leaving Wax Deposits On Guide Rollers Of The Knitting Machine Which Causes Yarn Breakages.

Because Of This Frequent Yarn Breakage’s & Complaints From The Knitters End, Spinners Increase The Wax Coating On The Yarn. This Leads To More Problem. Now, As The Wax Percentage Increases Beyond A Certain Range The Resistance To Untwisting Also Naturally Increases And Also Now This Extra Wax Will Again Deposit On Guide Rollers And Needle Latches Causing More Yarn Breakage’s And Wear & Tear Of Needles,Etc.And Prevents The Knitting Machine To Run At Its Full Capacity.

This Vicious Circle Eventually Leads To Low Productivity, Increased Breakage’s Wear & Tear Of Needles Etc. At The Knitters End,Thus Lending To Rejections And Claims On Yarn Spinners.

Now All These Problem Can Be Avoided Very Simply By Switching To Our Speciality Wax Rolls.